Sunshine on Daddy’s Girl

Today, I’m dealing with a case of should-ve-left-it-alone. Observe.

I started out with one of my new Sinfuls — Daddy’s Girl. This is purple jelly base full of small magenta, purple and blue glitter. Not really even glitter but more like sparkle. Think China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps went dark and vampy and ate a basket full of blueberries while at it.

This was thin and nice to apply. Which was good as it’s also sheer and a bit streaky so I needed three coats to get it looking great.

As per usual with glitters — photos don’t do justice! It sparkles, people!

Do I love it? That’s one way of putting it. 😉

So why I went and added little suns using one of my Bundle Monster plates and China Glaze’s Metallic Muse — the periwinkle chrome from the Khrome collection — gods only know.

Well, at least it isn’t too distracting from the pretty polish… But still. I like my ring finger best because there I can still see most of the sparklies!



7 thoughts on “Sunshine on Daddy’s Girl

  1. Need geeljad lakid on imekenad oma värvisügavusega, väga lahe ruumiline efekt. Ma ei viitsi ikka veel oma küüntega tegelema hakata – ainult krõksutan teinekord lühemaks.

    • Jellyd muutuvad viimasel ajal järjest populaarsemaks ka. OPI uus kollektsioon tuleb ka juba kuue jelly-lakiga. Ma ei tea kuidas neid täpselt eesti keeles kutsuda, sest “geel” kutsub mulle silme ette midagi muud. 😛

      Aga lihtsalt hoiatus, mul eelmisel suvel ühe värvi ostmine lõppes sellega, mida praegu siin blogis näha on! 😉

  2. That is probably one of the prettiest purples I have even seen! I am going to have to find me a bottle. I think the suns look great! I haven’t tried using stencils yet.

    • It should be in Sinful’s core line, so it should be available pretty much everywhere that sells the brand! 😉 And if you’ve yet to try stamping, I totally recommend it. So much fun and endless possibilities.

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