Heart’s My Name

This might be my first and only tribute to the coming Valentine’s Day. Then again, never say never!

I started out with Sinful’s What’s Your Name? — bright blue micro-glitter in a black base. This polish is absolutely beautiful! I was slightly afraid that the creme base would hide some of the glitter, but it doesn’t at all. It’s still a dark polish though, and it’s at its best in bright light.

Two coats of opaque perfection. This is without top coat.

And then I picked up a Carlo di Roma “bubble” polish I have. It doesn’t have a name nor number I can detect, but it’s basically teal glitter in a sheer base. There’s two types of glitter — medium hexagon and large hearts. And the bottle is the most adorable perfectly round glass ball!

I applied one coat over What’s Your Name? The positioning of the hearts wasn’t difficult, but the consistency of the polish was very thick, almost glue-like. The upside is that this helped to create the image of glitter hearts encased in glass. Added one coat of top coat and there you have it.

Look how the blue shimmer in What’s Your Name? takes this to a whole new level of awesome!

When planning this mani, I was afraid it would look really cheesy and so timed it for my day off work. However, I’m really loving it! It looks glossy and glassy and has depth, and the colours really work together. Oh, heck, it’s just plain adorable. 😀



7 thoughts on “Heart’s My Name

  1. This. is. so freaking cute! Not what I’d usually wear but honestly, I love this SO much.

    By the way.. I went to I.L.U. today and saw that they sell Seche! I hadn’t noticed that before. I couldn’t get Seche Vite anywhere in Pärnu before but they had it, so I finally got it today! I can’t wait to finally try it out 🙂

    • Awesome! 🙂 I knew they sell Seche at Kaubamaja, so I guess it was only a matter of time til it reached I.L.U. as well.

      Now, if they’d only get Restore as well. 😛

      And thanks!

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