Alessandro “The It Girl” Skittle Swatches

I was all squee when I stopped by the store yesterday and discovered that they had Alessandro’s new LE spring collection — The It Girl. This is a collection of ten beautiful pastels and neutrals with some surprises in the traditional Alessandro mini-bottle.

I love those square stocky bottles; I have an army.

The It Girl is quite difficult to find information about online, this promo pic is the best I could do.

I must admit, I saw the promos a while back and I wasn’t all that interested. However, seeing them live changed my mind as per usual. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The colours really are a refreshing change for the vampy winter shades of recent.

Seven of the ten are cremes. The exceptions are Lollipop and Dancing Queen which contain sort of “hidden” shimmer a la Essie Sew Psyched, etc. The one truly different polish from the rest of the collection is Catwalk. This is a sheer white glassfleck shimmer. Similar to China Glaze’s White Cap, minus the gold. Actually, I’m pretty certain this is an exact dupe for GOSH’s Vanilla Ice. Which is why I didn’t pick it up. I think it’s probably meant as an “effect” top coat for the cremes.

When I got home, there was literally about five minutes of natural light left so these skittles are extremely rushed and applied over my previous mani. ๐Ÿ˜› My bad.

On Tour, Dancing Queen, Pretty Ballerina, Milk Shake

I love them! the formula is great and they’re super glossy. On Tour is my favourite. It walks the fine line between lilac and blue and pastel and bright.

Dancing Queen I had to have for the name alone. *sings* Actually, this is pretty awesome too. A terribly trendy purple-taupe but with shimmer! Yup. Pretty awesome.

What can I say about Pretty Ballerina and Milkshake? A girly baby pink and a light pastel pink creme. Spring must be on my mind to have picked those up.



7 thoughts on “Alessandro “The It Girl” Skittle Swatches

  1. Did you get these from Kaubamaja? Or I.L.U.? (please say the latter, haha)
    Oh well. I’m in need of new clean-looking creme colours, I guess this collection would be perfect for that!

      • I wasn’t very keen at first, but then the colors grew on me and now I absolutely love this collection! The colors are so light and fresh, perfect for spring. Can’t even decide, which ones I like best.

        I was also very disappointed to discover that half of the shades were already gone from Kaubamaja and they couldn’t tell whether or when they’ll restock. So I was told this morning.

  2. Loved Dancing Queen before I saw the name of it! After I saw the name – like it even more! I agree just thinking abt the name puts a smile on my face!! Just a wee bit jealous that Alessandro is not available here : (

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