Red and Sparkly

I’m trying to wear some of my untried shimmer/glitter polishes as I finally have the opportunity to photograph them in sunlight.

Today, it’s Depend No 209, another polish I bought from Stockholm. I’ve seen this polish described by other bloggers as the colour of raw meat. This is actually an intriguingly accurate description! No 209 has a deep brownish blood red jelly base with tons of red, magenta/purple and silver microglitter thrown in.

It takes three coats to build to opacity, but applies nicely and looks awesome once done. And trust me, in sunlight, it looks nothing like raw meat; it’s just plainl beautiful. Observe.

It’s still lovely in artificial light as well. Just not as sparkly. This picture also serves to illustrate why I absolutely had to wait until actual sunlight to show this pretty little polish to you.

I mean, it’s not bad in dull light, it just aint this fascinating sparkly beauty it’s in sunshine. I still love it though! 😀



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