My Purple Love

Another untried for who knows what reason. The moment I heard of Sally Hansen’s Purple Gala I knew I had to have it. Thankfully, a lovely lady from the States got it to me at the end of last year. Yay! 🙂

And now I got around to trying it out. OMG, it is amazing, perfect, etc! Cool purple base with tons of golden and silvery foil particles that give it an overall look of a plummy purple foil. It sparkles, it shimmers, it glitters. Looks amazing in all lights. I love the different colours I can spot in the shade and the insane sparkle of full-on sunshine.

Two coats of absolutely perfect application. I wonder if it felt the love, because boy was this polish a joy to paint with. 😉

It’s also reminiscent of one of my all time favourites — Lumene’s Trouble Maker, which is a combo of bronze, silver and blue in the same finish. ♥



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