Litte Sister to Daddy’s Girl

I was looking through my stash of polishes today and found one I loved in the store a few months ago. Flormar No 38 looked like a deep purple with tons of pink and blue microglitter or sparkle pieces. Brought it home, tried it out, discovered it was really sheer and threw it in a pile of layering polishes that I rarely use.

I had time today and decided to try and build it to opacity. I pretty much figured that it would take 5-6 coats, it’d never dry and I’ll have to change to a different polish for the day. But I’d never know if I didn’t try!

So. It doesn’t get to bottle colour (which is okay, because then it’d look like Sinful’s Daddy’s Girl) but it was opaque at three coats! Seemed impossible, but it was. So, on the nail, it looks like a medium reddish-purple jelly base with tons of pink and blue flecky glitter. Insanely pretty. And to my surprise, dried really fast too!

In the shade, to show the small, flecky glitter that leaves it smooth without top coat.

And in sunlight again.

Sometimes it definitely is fun to shop your stash! 😀



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