Dipped in Chocolate

Take a look at the most delicious-looking nail polish ever — Nubar’s Milk Chocolate, which is a milk chocolate creme. Obviously. 😉

Two-to-three coats needed for even coverage. Normal application and dry time. Nubar polishes work so much better with China Glaze’s Fast Forward top coat. I used to get such awful shrinkage with SV that it originally turned me away from Nubar polishes. 😦

I wore this for a day, and then needed to distract myself from eating my fingers. 😉 I sponged on a little Alix Avien No  182. Without top coat, sponging usually looks pretty messy:

And my extreme laziness (not adding a top coat before stamping) also explains a little why the golden stamps I did with one of Flormar’s Nail Art polishes and BM plates turned out slightly smudged. Never stamp on an uneven surface! Seriously, doesn’t work out that well. Thankfully, it’s not really noticeable in real life as opposed to macro shots.

Blingin’! 😀



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