Taupe vs. Taupe

I thought I’d gather up some of my taupe cremes for a small comparison. So, the contestants today:

Eyeko Posh Polish, Ciate Fade to Greige, China Glaze Below Deck, Alessandro Dancing Queen, Alessandro Dusty Purple

All of these, except Posh Polish, are taupes with a hint of purple. All are cremes and pictured at one coat. I painted my nails in the same order as the bottle shot.

Posh is the lightest and a true taupe with no hints of purple. Dusty Purple is the darkest, but the contrast isn’t as pronounced in real life as in pictures.

The most similar of these are Fade to Greige, Below Deck and Dancing Queen.

Fade to Greige has the least amount of purple and Dancing Queen has the most. Dancing Queen also has a really lovely hidden shimmer to it! But in all fairness, without direct light to bring out the shimmer in Dancing Queen most people couldn’t tell the difference between these on the nail.

I wanted to include Barry M’s Dusky Mauve in this as well, but unfortunately I don’t have six fingers. 😛 The base colour of it is ridiculously close to the Ciate polish though. Just add purple shimmer.

Now, which do you have; which do you like?



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