Lunar Eclipse

Orly’s Lunar Eclipse from the Cosmics is gorgeous. It has absolutely everything going for it in my book — it’s an electric royal blue, it sparkles, it’s easy to apply and remove.

The only thing I could possibly feel bad about is that Lunar Eclipse hints at a purple/pink duochrome in the bottle, but on the nails it doesn’t really show. In my times wearing this polish, I’ve only rarely glimpsed at a hint of purplepink just around the bend of the nail in non-direct sunlight.

Still, gorgeous in all lighting conditions:



Lamp light

Definitely one of my favourite blues. 🙂



One thought on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. Ooh, I’ve got that whole collection, I love it! Though, I just ruined my bottle of topcoat (added OPI thinner to Seche Vite – not a good mix, it turns out xP it’s ok, though, there was extremely little left, and it was soooo thick, I was going to have to throw it out anyway – plus, I’m switching to Poshe for a while, trying it out, so it wasn’t worth buying a bottle of Seche thinner either :P), so I can’t really use them right now… Ruined Seche Vite = tip wear in ten minutes, and/or drying time of ten to twelve hours O.O

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