Yellow-Green Cremes Comparison

With spring rearing its lovely head I though I’d show you three of the sunniest green cremes I can think of. Yellow-green is not a shade that flatters my skin tone, but I absolutely adore it nonetheless.

As I adore all of these polishes. Pictured at two coats each without top coat:

Left-to-right: Sinful Colors Innocent, OPI Who the Shrek are You?, American Apparel MacArthur Park and OPI WTSAY once more

As you can see, they all fall in the same colour family. Innocent is the most green, but just as bright as WTSAY. Something about it freaked out my camera, so picture it more intense.  MacArthur Park is the darkest, murkiest and least bright. It’s also the most yellow.

Innocent and MacArthur Park have the best formulas being solid one-coaters despite my two coats here.

Just looking at these polishes makes me want summer so bad! 😀



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