Baby Blues

I picked up some yellow rhinestones the other day and wanted to try them out. This is the mani I planned for that. 🙂

One coat of Models Own Beth’s Blue — a baby blue creme with a hint of lilac — which is fast becoming a favourite due to it being a one-coater pastel with really fast dry-time.

I stamped it over with Snowcrystal No 446 — a petrol shimmer (and OPI’s Yodel Me on My Cell dupe).

I added yellow rhinestones of some of my nails.

Rhinestones are so much easier to use than I’d thought. I need more colours now. 😉



8 thoughts on “Baby Blues

    • Ma tänan. 🙂 Kusjuures mulle endale meeldivad ka lühemad küüned, nendega saab rohkem mängida ilma, et nad “odavad” välja näeksid. Vähemalt minu arvates.

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