Blue-Green? Green-Blue?

Manhattan was a go-to brand for me in high school, mainly because it was cheapish, available and had a big range of colours. What I also remember about my nail polish in high school is that it chipped in hours.

So, I’ve stayed away from the brand since.

Then I discovered they carry a dupe for an old lemming — Misa’s Dirty Sexy Money. That’s how Manhattan’s 87D came into my life.

Two coats of this little beauty. Fast dry-time and I have no idea what to call this colour… A slightly muted blue-green creme?

So pretty. And the photos are totally colour accurate.

It also seems that the combo of quality base and top coat (I used neither in HS)  is keeping the chipping issue at bay. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blue-Green? Green-Blue?

  1. Kas Sul pole seda probleemi, et küünevärvid ei lähe garderoobiga kokku? Ma armastan väga igasuguseid lahedaid värve kuid ei osta neid kunagi, sest nondel on komme mu nahatooni ja garderoobiga kriiskavalt vastuollu minna…

    • Ma tavaliselt sobitan hommikuti garderoobi küünevärviga. 😄 Ja kui on mingi selline värv, mis tooni riideesemeid mul tõesti ei leidu, siis lähen vana hea turvalise musta peale välja.

      Tegelikult talvisele tööajal, mul must ja halli erinevad varjundid ongi põhiline univorm. Küüned lisavad törtsu värvi. 😉 Ja kuna ma olen nii kahvatu, et ise ka nagu üks suur valkjashall, siis igasugused erksad värvid istuvad küüntel päris hästi.

  2. The term I hear used a lot is ‘dusty’. I think it gets applied to anything light to medium (or dark pastel-ish colors?) that look a bit muted.

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