First Class Glitter

So, what happens when you paint your nails with China Glaze’s First Class Ticket and then dip them into a jar of loose black holo glitter?

They come to life with sparkle in all colours, that’s what. 🙂 Nearly impossible to capture the real effect, but I tried.



7 thoughts on “First Class Glitter

  1. Ooh, so cool! I’m always so afraid to use glitters and stuff (though I’ve just picked up a few sets of pearls and rhinestones that I got dirt cheap from ebay, to start experimenting with), ’cause I’m always afraid it’ll be too blingy for me, but that looks great! I’m really getting a lot of inspiration from your blog, love it 😀

    • Thanks! And have fun with the glitters and rhinestones! I was afraid of them too at first, but they are so versatile that it really depends on you how blingy they make your mani. 😉

  2. Heippa! Uurin et kas glitterid jõudsid postiga kenasti kohale? On nad midagi sellist, mida kasutada annaks? Üldiselt kipun arvama, et narkokuritegude osakond valvab mu pakke – liiga palju pulbreid liigub sinna-tänna, teinekord võtab Eesti-sisenegi saatmine päevi…

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