From the Vault: Berrilicious

This is from a while ago. I think the longest my nails have been….

I don’t really have that many traditional colours in my arsenal. In fact, there’s really only one polish there, I’d call a berry pink. It’s another one of those online bulk purchases where I wasn’t paying enough attention and got a polish I hadn’t intended to.

However, this one I like.

Two coats of Essence Surferama — a berry pink creme. Is it only me that expects a polish called Surferama to be turquoise or blue or at the very least an ocean green? I mean, what has pink got to do with surfing?

I still really like it though, it makes for a nice break and is quite flattering.

After the first day, I layered it with GOSH’s Vanilla Ice — sheer, off-white base full of cool glass fleck shimmer. It’s absolutely amazing and one of the most aptly named polishes ever. This is what I expect ice crystals to look like — sparkly in all colours, yet mostly cool. Think of it as a cool version of China Glaze’s White Cap; the finish is the same.

Vanilla Ice is too sheer on its own for me, but it makes for an amazing polish transformer with most manis.



3 thoughts on “From the Vault: Berrilicious

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