3 AM Showers

It’s that time again. Nubbins time. 🙂 I love nubbins, I’m usually just too lazy to keep my nails constantly short. 😛

Really short nails also means that dark polish looks cute, not über-vampy. In my opinion, anyway. 😉

I wore Ciate’s 3 am Girl to inaugurate my new shorties.

What colour do you think this is supposed to be? Dark navy is the answer. Well, because I know it’s supposed to be a dark blue, I can see a hint of it there. But even in the brightest sunlight, most people are gonna think it’s a black. A blue-toned black, though.

This was two coats, and as usual, Ciate formula was buttery excellence and, for me, they have the best brushes I’ve encountered.

I wanted to liven it up a little (spring and all ;)) and added SpaRitual’s Shower the People on top. Shower the People looks like a fairy tale in the bottle — all swirls of bright purple shimmer in a clear base — but it’s really subtle on the nail.



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