Mustardy-Tan in Bloom

Seriously. What is this colour? I knew I absolutely had to have American Apparel’s Trench Coat the moment I heard of it, just because its ugly-prettiness made it irresistible to me.

Of course, I was prepared that it would clash horribly with my pasty pale skin. I didn’t care; still wanted it.

Well, I can’t say it’s flattering… but it ain’t bad! I’m not rocking good old lobster hands with it, so all’s well in my world. 😉

However. the formula of this one was a Nightmare. Capitalised. So thick and gloopy and impossible to get even. Thank god for good top coats. This is gonna sit with some thinner now, before next time.

However, I still love this polish in all its ugly glory.

I even prettified it a little, by stamping flowers from a BM plate using Barry M’s Cobalt Blue.



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