Sexy Little Teeez

Today, I have another polish from the Dutch drugstore brand Teeez to show you.

This is the most aptly named Sexy — a medium grey with a hint of purple and a hidden silver sparkle/shimmer.

This was two coats of perfect buttery application and fast drying time. As per usual with my manis, I don’t do clean-up and here it obviously wasn’t needed either.

Also, this shade of grey works incredibly well for my pale yellowish skin tone, emphasising it instead of bringing out the red overtones like some *coughgoldyellowcough* polishes I can think of. 😛

What else could I really say… except, “Hello, Sexy!” 😉



3 thoughts on “Sexy Little Teeez

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen the messages I’ve left you, why your ignoring me, I’m not sure. However it’s extremely rude that you would ignore people who take the time to read your blog, all you have to do is respond with a yes or no. Unfortunately it’s a reflection of your character.

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