Pink Wednesday + New Ring

I finally tried out a polish I’ve been really excited about — China Glaze’s Crackle Glaze in pink — Broken Hearted.

Now, some swatches I’ve seen made me a bit apprehensive about trying out China Glaze’s crackles as they didn’t seem to be crackling as well as the Isadora and Depend ones I’m used to…

Guess, the rumors weren’t true. This applied and crackled perfectly. All I had to do were my regular tricks with crackles — a) shake rigorously before use, b) apply in two thin coats on each nail. The two thin coats need to be in a row on the same nail so the bottom one doesn’t get a chance to crackle and dry.

And voila! perfect cracks. 😉

I also got a new ring which I adore:


p.s. I am addicted to Marks & Spencer All Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Bodes trouble for the summer figure. 😛 Also means I wanna do a chocolate chunk cookie mani. 😉


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