Multichrome Goodness

I think I’ve stated my position on sheer duochrome polishes before — that of intense dislike. I make an exception for one polish, not only do I like it, I love it! Sheerness and all.

SpaRitual’s It’s Raining Men is a sheer dusty blue shimmer with a pink to gold flash. In sunlight, it’s mostly gold, so this is what you get to see here.

This is three coats. I have built this to opacity at four-five coats before, but this time I didn’t feel like it. I have to admit, I kinda like it semi-sheer. Gives the polish an ethereal quality of sorts.

Not only looking stunning in sunlight, this is definitely beautiful in the shade as well.

The dry time was really fast, but then again, I did thin coats.

Have a look at in full sun again:

Beautiful polish. 🙂

You also might have noticed, I’ve filed down my pointer. That’s because it broke. 😦 My nails have become increasingly brittle and peeling lately.

So, I beg for recs on a good repair/restore polish that would also function as a base coat, because I don’t want to stop painting my nails…. I gotta do something, though, before I’m left with nubbins all the time.

I think I have access to pretty much all brands* I can think of, I just can’t make up my mind on what to get.


*OPI, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Essie, Seche, Orly, NailTek, Trind, Mavala, etc.


7 thoughts on “Multichrome Goodness

  1. microcell 2000 is really amazing for that, but you’ve probably heard about it. it also doubles as a base coat and it’s what first helped me grow my nails long 🙂

      • you should be able to get them in most drugstores e.g. ülikooli apteek and apteek1 i think. they sell it in a smaller bottle (5ml i guess) and in a larger bottle which is 12ml. it is kinda pricy though.. probably around 12 euros for the larger one (but it was definitely worth it for me).

  2. Mine get like that towards the end of every winter. I’m just keeping them shorter for a while until they recover and rub Vitamin E oil into them whenever I take my polish off.

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