Spaced Out

What a more perfect polish for a warm and sunny spring day. NYX Girls Frizz Spots is a vampy black sheer base with tons (and I do mean tons) of chunky holo glitter in large and small hex pieces.

It’s absolutely amazing on nails. I do recommend wearing underwear with this one. I wore it once (at three coats) without and it still had some uneven patches as the base colour of it is quite sheer.

Today, I wore it at two coats of Frizz Spots over one coat of Ciate 3 AM Girl. 3 AM Girl is a super dark, near-black navy creme and I was hoping it would add some depth to the brown-based black base of Frizz Spots.



Personally, I think this is an insanely sparkly beauty, and a must have for any lover of space-in-a -bottle type of polishes.

I feel pretty lucky I didn’t walk into anything or anybody when outside today, because I definitely kept on staring at my nails. 😉



3 thoughts on “Spaced Out

  1. I headed straight for Cherry Culture when I saw this, I totally need that polish! However, it’s sold out… 😦 I got a bunch of other polishes instead xP One day I will own this one, though, it beautiful!

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