The Stash

I organised my polishes into boxes this weekend, so I took some pictures. 🙂 Funnily enough, when I look at the photos, my polish stash doesn’t look big at all, yet every day when I try to pick a polish to wear, I feel overwhelmed by the choices.

By the way, just six months ago, all my polishes fit into the little drawer that I now use for various odds and ends — stamping polishes, decals, rhinestones, etc.



4 thoughts on “The Stash

  1. LOL! I completely understand the problem of too much pretty to choose from. I find I need to at least narrow it down to a color (pink, blue, green? Light or dark…or medium?) before I even go near my stash, then just swoop in and pick one quickly or I drive myself nuts.

    Drat, it changed my critter.

  2. i’m with you, girls! The problem has got even worse with summer, as now I need to pick two coordinating polishes, one for the fingers and one for the toes. Ok, the polishes may clash, but somehow they need to carry a theme…

    • Don’t remind me. I painted my toes with the über-bright Va Va Voom the other day, and with all the dreary weather lately they’ve been clashing horribly with my outfits! Of course, I’m too lazy to change them more often than once a week. 😛

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