Summer Cocktails

I was in the store the other day, when I saw that Alessandro’s Summer 2011 collection is out. Ten beautiful polishes in finishes from creme to foil named after some delicious umbrella drinks. Yum! The collection is called Beach Beauty and I just had to pick up four (and several more were very very tempting!)

I’ll start showing these polishes from today, plus I have a little preview of what else is coming up.

The first polish from this collection that I could not wait to wear was one of the two oranges — Long Island (Ice Tea) is an insanely sparkly orange base chock full of glass fleck shimmer from yellow, to orange to warm pink. It’s positively glowing and opaque in two coats.

This has got to be my new favourite orange! And this summer, everybody needs an orange polish. 😉

Here’s a peek at the other polishes from this collection that I’ll be showing you:

The rightmost one — Mojito Mint –, I thought would be a dupe for Orly’s Fresh from the Summer 2011 collection Happy Go Lucky…

…but thankfully, it’s not. 🙂 It does remind me of some other polishes in my stash still though, so I’ll have to do a little comparision.

And I still need to show you Fresh as a full mani; this somehow fell into my “Lost Week”. So much to do!



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