Mojito Mint

The last of the four Beach Beauty polishes I bought is the one I had the greatest expectations of… in the bottle Mojito Mint appears a bright yellow-green creme. Now, in reality, it’s a jelly. Very very sheer and a lot yellower on the nails than in the bottle. Actually, with the first coat, it just looked like my nails were one big yellow bruise.

It took four coats to build to opacity and even then you can spy some nail line on my ring finger for example. It also had tons of tiny bubbles as it dried, probably due to the four thick coats.

It’s still a truly beautiful squishy looking polish though! Just a lot of work to apply…

The bottom line with this one is that there are quite a few opaque yellow-green cremes out there that are a lot less work.

On the other hand, as it is a jelly, it manages to look sort of glassy and deep compared to some others.

Frankly, I haven’t made up my mind yet if I’m happy to own this polish or not.



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