Neon Pink Wednesday

So far, I’ve considered Eyeko’s Punk to be the brightest, in your face neon pink among my polishes. Well, then I met Orly’s Va Va Voom.

This is a retina burning neon pink creme. Definitely on the warm side with almost a hint of coral to it. Perfect at two coats and dries to a satin matte finish on its own. I added a top coat.

And I actually think I figured out how to take pics of neons that are almost colour accurate.

This is the best I was able to do after playing around with the settings of my regular camera… almost there but not quite neon enough.

However, I find the best thing for colour accuracy with neons is to take a blurry pic with the phone camera. All other colours are off, but the polish is dead on colourwise. Even if still not quite as retina burning as in real life.

I have a lot of love for this polish! And from what I know, warm neons are über trendy this summer. 😉



4 thoughts on “Neon Pink Wednesday

    • Kusjuures ma põhiliselt näen tänaval neid tehniku juures tehtud stiletto geelküüni. Mis nagu peaksid ka moekad olema… in theory. But they just scare me. 😛

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