Pink Wednesday

Matte, this time. OPI Laz Paz-itevely Hot Matte. I really like this polish. It’s a medium bright fuchsia shimmer that is matte, obviously.

Pretty easy to apply and dries super fast which is great for a summer polish.

Yeah, I pretty much adore this polish. I’ve worn it a couple of times already this summer before putting it on my blog and it has never disappointed. The longest was for three days and no chips in sight without any base or top coat. 🙂

One thing about matte (and holo polishes) though. Applying without base or op coat means they are terribly unforgiving. See the tear in my pointer? Not a problem with most polishes, but with this one… pretty obvious.

And for all of you Estonians: Toredat Jaanipäeva! Ja nautige pikka nädalavahetust. 😉



3 thoughts on “Pink Wednesday

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