Something Blue…

It’s been almost a year since I first started collecting nail polish and about half a year since I started this blog. I have around two hundred polishes right now and lately I’ve been feeling like there’s nothing new under the sun. 😛 Polish wise, that is.

I’m sure it’ll pass. In fact, there’s a huge sale at (Tallinna) Kaubamaja starting from tomorrow and there should be lots on inexpensive polish. I saw some Depend crackle effects being put on display for tomorrow… So, hopefully, that’ll get me out of my slump. 😉

So, something old and blue today. One of the very first polishes I bought last summer — Alessandro’s Midnight Hour. Two coats of navy shimmer amazingness, full of silver micro-glitter and red-to-green opalescent flakies. I dare you to name a polish even remotely similar to this.

While it sparkles like crazy in direct sunlight, I think indirect light (like the second picture) really shows the complexity of this polish. ♥



7 thoughts on “Something Blue…

  1. You need some Zoyas bad. They have a glitter formula unlike anyone else’s, in a multitude of colors. It’s smooth, gorgeous and much, much easier to remove. Go to Scrangie’s blog and scroll way down to the tag list and hit Zoya (last one of course). It will pop up with pages and pages of swatches that will make you drool! China Glaze is the only brand I have more of.

    • Don’t I know it! 😀 I’ve been holding off as they are so damn expensive to get. 😦 And if I already get a few, I know, I’ll be wanting more and more. I can never just give my little finger to a brand.

    • If you do a search on eBay for “Zoya Sampler” or “Zoya Collection” you will get a multitude of listings for various full-size 6-bottle collections for less than €30 (even €20 at times), plus around €10 – €15 shipping, usually from the US of A. This works out at a quite reasonable cost per bottle. Of course, you will want to like most or all of the polishes in the collection or it is not worth it.

  2. They have some really good sales though, BOGO free, or 3 free, just pay shipping…that kind of stuff. Bought that way, sent to a US address and than reshipped wouldn’t be so bad. I’ve found that the dear old PO has a flat rate International envelope (padded standard size flat or legal size cardboard, 9″x14″ I think) that mails for $13.95 for up to 4lbs. You have to order the blasted things rather than getting them at the PO counter, but once you’ve got them…

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