Sun Worshipper Matte

I’ve seen this polish quite a lot on my blog list lately and finally tried it out for myself. China Glaze’s Sun Worshipper is a neon orange creme, which dries matte as customary to neons.

I’ve seen it with top coat added to make it glossy, but I decided not to use a top coat with it and wear it matte.

It’s, of course, way more neon in real life. It’s my first true neon polish and for me the formula was problematic — very watery and streaky. 😦 I’ve seen people say they’ve used three coats… and I don’t know if my bottle came from a bad batch or what, but I needed five coats. Five. And I can still spot some VNL on my pinky and ring finger.

Still, I absolutely adore the colour and it’s well worth the trouble for me. 🙂



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