Crackle Sparkle

Still continuing with the crackles here! 😉 Now, beware, this post contains my stained nails and a sheer polish. Just in case you don’t want to see that.

I used two polishes — GOSH’s Vanilla Ice for the base and Depend Crackle Effect No 5007 for the crackle top coat.

Vanilla Ice is a super sheer polish — flecks of silvery shimmer/glitter in a milky base. It’s a cousin to China Glaze’s White Cap, but the shimmer is whitish-silvery instead of golden.

I used three coats here and as you can see, this is still very very sheer. You can also see how yellowed the tips of my nails are, which kinda changes the colour of the polish. 😛

I wasn’t worried about the sheerness, though, as I added the Crackle Effect No 5007 — a baby blue with heavy silver shimmer.

with top coat

without top coat

I kinda like this. I think it crackled well (though I’ve never had a problem with that) but it’s a bit too much. Too much shimmer, that is, and not enough contrast. Next time, I’m gonna try this crackle polish with either a creme polish or something darker underneath. Just a little too sweet this is.


p.s. Vanilla Ice makes for an amazing sparkle top coat! 😉


2 thoughts on “Crackle Sparkle

  1. Väga kaunis tulemus!

    Mul ka üldisem küsimus su hobi kohta – sul näib erinevaid lakke olevat nii palju, et kas kõigele sellele kulub ka palju raha? Ja mida teed kõigega, mis üle jääb ja ära ei kasuta? Kas sul on kodus “küünelaki uputus”?


    • Aitähh! Eks kulub ikka nagu hobidega on. 😉 Üle jäävaid lakke mul eriti ei ole, vast need mis üldse ei meeldi pärast esimest kasutust, sest küünelakkidega on see hea asi, et nad ei lähe pahaks. Tilgake spetsiaalselt vedeldajat päästab ka aastatevanuse liimiks muutunud laki.

      Üldiselt õnneks on minu lakikogus vaid võibolla veerand enamuste blgoijate omadest ning nende hoidmiseks on mul oma sahti-karbisüsteem. 😉

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