BYS In Town!

I haven’t visited our lovely local importer of China Glaze polishes for a few weeks and stopped by today just to see what’s up.

Now, what is up is that BeautyPro (in Tallinn at Roosikrantsi Street) has started importing polishes from the Australian brand BYS (Be YourSelf).

There’s so much to choose from! The have cremes, shimmers and glitters. Nail art polishes and crackle polishes. Best of all, something I have seen only in very few places in Estonia — colour changing mood polishes!

Of course I picked up some stuff. 😉

No official pricing yet, but they should be relatively inexpensive. Cheaper than China Glaze anyway.



6 thoughts on “BYS In Town!

  1. Hmm, but what about the quality of the polishes? I have one lipstick by BYS and it’s quite average (not to mention, it was cheap).

    • The polishes are gonna be cheap as well, so I don’t expect them to compete to China Glaze, Essie, Orly or OPI… But I do think they’re decent enough and some colours are really pretty. I’ve worn their mood polish for two days and that lasted without chipping through two baths and plenty of dishwashing. 😛 Then I took it off for a change of colour, no other reason.

      But lasting power is so individual for people I find.

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