Pink Wednesday Featuring Bright Purple + Some Info

After picking up my first colour changing polishes from BYS, I couldn’t wait to try them out. My first choice was BYS‘ Bright Purple — a shimmering vivid deep purple in the bottle  that should change between purple and pink.

My nails are short, but I imagine this would give some fantastic gradients on long nails, even I saw a gradient appear once in a while with the cooler tips purple and the nail bed pink. Mostly, it looked like this on me:

Three coats and this really is a beautiful colour. 🙂 Now, I also wanted to show the colours this switches between… I did that by playing with hot and cold water. 😉

Starting from cold (purple) and ending with warm (pink):

I really like the idea and the colour. Can’t wait to try the rest!

Now, some information — starting from this week, I’ll be in Greece for a couple of weeks . So what that means is:

  • I’ve set up automated posts, so my blog will still be updating regularly every couple of days. I just won’t be answering to comments/emails. I will catch up and answer to everything once I’m back though.
  • I’ll be really grateful for brand/store recommendations for nail polish, etc in Greece to know what to pay attention to! 😀
  • We’ll be stopping in Vienna on the way back, so which stores offer Catrice/Essence polishes?



4 thoughts on “Pink Wednesday Featuring Bright Purple + Some Info

  1. I don’t know much about nail polish scene in Greece, but maybe Stavroula ( can help you? If I were in Greece, I’d definitely go to Sephora (

    Catrice and Essence are sold in dm drogeriemarkt stores in Vienna. I think the S.he polishes are also worth checking out.

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