Vault: Most Inaccurately Named Peacock

I wore this polish sometime in early July after happening upon a new (for me) brand called MIYO. It has a line of about twenty different polishes in pretty interesting colours actually (plenty of blues and greens).

I picked up a polish from them named Peacock. And I actually checked the name on several different polishes, because a very pale pastel yellow creme is not what comes to my mind when thinking of peacocks.

For a pastel yellow, the application was good enough — opaque and even in three coats.

It’s a cute polish and I decided to make the mani even cuter buy playing around with dotting tools. I used American Apparel L’Esprit for the lilac dots and Alessandro Pretty Ballerina for the pink ones.

I thought it turned out quite adorable. 🙂


Estonian ladies, I found MIYO polishes at Rosalind in Tallinn.


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