Sophie the Innocent

I love flakie polishes and I have quite a few. 🙂 For some reason though, I don’t get around to wearing them that often.

So, as it happens, I’d had Make Up Store’s Sophie for half a year before I ever got round to it. Sophie is turquoise-to-green-to-yellow opalescent flakies together with bright yellow shimmer in a clear base.

To me, it seemed like the perfect polish to complement the Shrek-green of Sinful Colors Innocent.

I used one coat of Innocent and one coat of Sophie. Not bad as far as layering polishes goes… 😉

And then, of course, I had to try it matte. One coat of Nubar’s V for Men matte top coat over the mani.

What do you think, shiny or matte? 😀 I’m almost done with my summer manis… so we can move on to the more fall-y polishes. And, of course, my long promised and photographed comparison of all my flakies.



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