Starry Night + 1 Year Anniversary!

So, sometime in July, I was browsing through a The Body Shop sore. And lo and behold, they had nail polish! One single bottle, in fact. Pushed between random discount stuff and sold at 1 €.

A quick convo with the sales person revealed that The Body Shop doesn’t do nail polish, but this was left over from a limited collection. Of course I picked it up! And it’s pretty! Starry Night is a black creme full of silver hex glitter of various sizes. Covers perfectly in two coats. Could have used one more coat of top coat though… just a little bumpy it was.

The bottle itself was tiny, reminding me of the Essence Color&Go bottles. But I’m pretty pleased with smaller bottles lately… then there’s an actual chance that perhaps I’m gonna finish at least half of it. 😉

Also, today marks my one year anniversary since starting this blog! 😀 😀 Be on the lookout for a birthday giveaway tomorrow! 😉



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