What I’m lacking is time. Not just time to take photos (I have actually a couple of weeks worth stockpiled) but the actual time to sit down and write a post. Or, to change my polish often.

My pile of untrieds is growing… OMG. So, until then, I’ll show you what I wore for almost a week. 🙂

OPI’s gorgeous Shimmer & Simmer from last year’s Burlesque collection. I love that it mostly appears blue, but you can still see all the multicoloured glitter. I’m wearing it at two coats over one of Essie’s Sew Psyched.

Brought to you by my mobile on the bus. 😛 Try not to notice the tipwear, I think this was on day four or five of this mani.

Also, see what I got today! Four foils from Flormal’s Miracle Colors line:

There were several more different colours, but I got the ones that didn’t remind me too much of various Orly foil-y duochromes. 😉 (Or I might just go back for them…)


p.s. What’s been taking up my time?


4 thoughts on “Shimmer!

    • Tere! Nagu ka Alix Avieni lakid on Flormal Eestis müügil L Cosmetica poodides. Keskseim neist on minu teada Viru keskuse all bussiterminalis, aga neid on ka mujalpool. 😀 Btw, peale Miracle Colors sarja on ka müügil Flormali Graffiti pragunevate lakkide sari. 😉 Ise ostsin need Õismäelt.

  1. Vau! Ma tean küll, kus Flormarit (minu arvates on õige kirjapilt selline, müüakse, aga mulle on uudiseks, et Miracle sari ka nüüd Eestis. Mina ostsin selle sarja lakke kevadel Türgist, siis neid Eestis polnud. Graffitid vaatan ka kindlasti üle. Türgist sain Alix Avieni pragunevaid lakke, mis minu meelest teevad nii Dependi kui China Glaze pragunevatele pika puuga ära.

    Sul on huvitavat infot, nagu alati!

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