Red for Christmas

It’s Christmas season! 🙂 Here’s one of the prettiest red shimmers in my collection — Be:Yu’s No 209. This is actually a deep raspberry pink base full of golden-orangey shimmer. The overall effect is of a lit from within red.

This is completely amazing. Perfect application in two coats. 🙂

And if I usually consider reds and pinks too dull or traditional, this is another one of my exceptions. Too pretty to ever be considered dull.

I mean, look at it! 😀


p.s. Now, if you’re wondering what’s going on with the blog… I tried to figure out if I should just call it quits entirely as I obviously don’t have the time to update it regularly at the moment. Then, on the other hand, sometimes I just want to share, so it’s still good to have this around. 🙂

I have several of my absolute favourite polishes from the fall/winter collections photographed, so hopefully they’ll appear soon as well.

(Btw, so far, the best fall/winter collection has come from Alessandro. Defintely. :D)


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