Holiday Special Layering Job

This question comes up every year — what to wear for a Christmas Eve mani?! Red, of course. In a variation of sort if must. I even went so far this year that I swatched all my reds on a nail wheel trying to decide… (Red is a colour I wear rarely, and could have sworn I only owned a couple… colour me surprised when I discovered I had 21 of the suckers…)

In the end, I decided to forego tradition and go for something completely different!

Pale, glittery, fairy-tale like. 🙂 I mean, if I can’t have a white Christmas, I can at least have something reminiscent on my nails.

This mani reminded me of a sunset on a white winter night.

I started with two coats of SpaRitual It’s Raining Men — a sheer blue-to-pink duochrome with a golden shimmer flash. I can’t even tell you how much I love this polish.

Sponged the tips in a gradient with China Glaze White Cap — golden glassflecks in a milky base — to add more goldenness to the tips. The effect is great in lighting conditions where It’s Raining Men turns pink. 🙂

On top, I used China Glaze Snowglobe — pastel multicoloured glitter is a sheer base. Seeing it everywhere in stores again, reminded me to bust out my bottle and how much I love this polish as well. 😀

I took a ton of pictures of this mani, and managed to capture the blue and golden of the base, but unfortunately not the pink. Trust me, it was there though.


So, what are you wearing this Christmas? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Holiday Special Layering Job

  1. This is divine, such a unique combo. I love these pale combos that are surfacing with Snow Globe. A glitter gradient has to be the way to go for tomorrow.

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