Top Manicures of 2011 — Part I

Ok, so this year I’ve decided to do posts of my favourite manicures in 2011 — both simple lacquer jobs and more complex ones. 🙂

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken photos yet of all of my favourite polishes, so the list gets honorable mentions sans pictures at the end.

In no particular order, the polishes:

China Glaze Pelican Gray – Adore this. Superb formula and the subtle shimmer adds a little extra to this very flattering cool gray. 

Alessandro Desert Rose — Warm gray with a hint of beige and a subtle shimmer. Very neutral, subtle, yet totally lovely.

Yet another one from Alessandro — Chocolate Flip. A yellowish tan creme with flecky copper and silver shimmer. One of the uniquest polishes in my collection.

H&M Blue My Mind. And that’s exactly what this colour does. 🙂 An impossibly intense and bright blue creme with a hint of purple.

NYX Girls Frizz Spots — The most obvious of my “space-y” polishes. Holographic hexagonal glitter of various sizes in a black base.

GOSH Gasoline — Incredible, almost duochrome purple polish somewhere between foil-glitter-glasslfeck. A classic for a reason. 

Alessandro Sweet Margarita — The only red on my list. This is orange and pink glassfleck shimmer in a cool red base. Ridiculous. Insanely sparkly. 

Alessandro Marvelicious Dream. Large flecks of antique golden shimmer in a black base. A classic idea, great execution. Enough said.

SpaRitual Howl. Too unique in idea to leave out. A multicoloured neutral microglitter polish. 

Isadora Pink Fame — The crackle polish of the year! A baby pink glitter crackle with large pieces of hexagonal holo glitter! OMG! 😀 Layered here over CG Pelican Gray.

BYS Colour Changing Polish in Glitter Purple. The most ethereal polish of the year. Pink-to-purple shimmer with subtle pieces of silver micro glitter. Fairy-tale princess nails! 

Teeez Outta Control — I couldn’t pick my favourite holo polish of the year, so this is one of the two. A linear purple holo. Yum! 🙂

Catherine Arley No 801 — A chartreuse holo polish. Love the colour! 🙂 The formula isn’t as opaque as Teeez’, but well worth the three coats. 


I also have to add China Glaze’s Skyscraper and Tinsel Town and Midtown  Magic… Orly’s Fowl Play… I just haven’t gotten around to photographing them yet. 🙂

COMING UP NEXT: The manis! 😉



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