I Smell Paradise :)

So, I finally got around to trying out one of the MIYO perfumed polishes I got for Christmas. (And I find it really difficult to type one-handed as my cat has decided to sleep on my one hand and a part of the keyboard :P)

First up is Tropical, named so for the scent, not the colour, I think. It smells a bit fruity and flowery at the same time. Pretty strongly as well. I thought it would be less as it dried and when I added my top coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward, which has a strong smell as well…. But every time I move my hands near my face I get a whiff. Thankfully, I like it.

Enough about the smell! On to the colour, which is a lovely baby blue with hidden lavender shimmer. The overall effect is something between a cornflower blue and periwinkle. So pretty! I have several baby blue cremes and baby blue cremes that lean lilac and there’s of course the baby blue with hidden blue shimmer… but nothing like this. I like it in winter and it’s gonna make a great spring polish as well. 😀

The formula was nice enough at two coats that I’m considering picking up some more from this line…

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 😀



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