Gold Fleck’d Black

My love. 🙂 Completely. Black cremes with gold flecks are definitely and without a doubt some of the prettiest (and yet edgiest) polishes around.

So, why did I not put Gold Old Buffy as my first from Essence’s Vampire’s Love collection? Probably as it’s not the most awesome representative of that finish I own. My love for these kinds of polishes started when I went through the drama of ordering Ciate’s Twilight (btw, what’s up with all the vampire references with polishes like these?) online a year and a half ago and my package got misplaced and I had to reorder, etc…

The polish itself was awesome though. Another one of these is Alessandro’s Marvelicious Dream, which was one of my top ten polishes for 2011…

How do all these compare, I asked myself.

First of all, Ciate has the prettiest bottle, Alessandro  is the smallest and Essence the biggest. That aside… 😉

Twilight is the darkest here and the most pigmented. Gold Old Buffy is (I can’t really call it the lightest) the least saturated and has the largest flecks. It’s also the sheerest, but still completely opaque at two coats.

And Marevlicious Dream is a dream! 😀 It is the brightest, most saturated and glowy. It also has the easiest formula to work with. (Taking into consideration that it also has the smallest bottle at 5ml it’s also five times as expensive per ml as Gold Old Buffy.)

No doubt in my mind that while I love all of these pretty babies, Marvelicious Dream wins this race hands down.

Check out the individual posts for these — Ciate, Essence, Alessandro — and have a look at them all together again.

Heee. 🙂 I need two more and then I can go for an actual ombre with these. Any recs? 😉



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