It’s Embers!

So… Orly’s Emberstone — a burning orange foil with flecks of pink. Truly intriguing and totally different in various lighting conditions. I have to say this was one of the polishes I was most excited about when MineralFX finally got to stores here.

And when picking it up, I thought I was getting a red (even though orange-toned, but still red) foil. That’s what it looked liked in the store lighting. In daylight, it does look a bit more reddish due to the pink flecks you can see in the bottle. But in direct light it’s one of the most aptly named polishes I can think of.

Burning embers. On your nails.

Two coats and a perfect formula. 🙂

Love the Mineral FX collection. Really, nobody does foils like Orly… I’m glad I made these my Christmas present to myself. 😉



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