Rock It

For some reason, Orly’s Rock It seems to be one of the underappriciated polishes from the Mineral FX collection. It just doesn’t get much love. And I really don’t get why. It’s a gorgeous cool, pinkish red foil with an almost greenish golden duochrome.

Very flattering on my skin tone and I really love wearing this one.

Lovely formula to work with (seems to be the thing with this collection) and opaque in two coats. 🙂 Ok, so it’s not a über original colour, but it is damn beautiful. 😀

I’m soon gonna need something lighter and subtler on my nails I think… 😀



2 thoughts on “Rock It

  1. I completely agree, Ive worn this three times since I got it in January, I got Emberstone and Rococo A Go Go at the same time and they havent got a look in since I wore this!

    • 🙂 I think it’s because people look at it and go, “Oh, another red…” and leaave it at the store. So basically it doesn’t even get a chance. And I agree, it might not be the most unique colour in the collection, but it is really beautiful still. 🙂

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