Snowy Little Glitter Skittles

Oh dreary old winter, when will you be gone?

Seriously. It’s too cold. I don’t want. At -32 degrees Celsius, it’s the coldest day of the winter yet.

So I needed something reminiscent of spring, and allowed myself to be inspired by my last year’s Easter mani and one of the prettiest glitters that China Glaze has ever released — Snow Globe.

Ungh. They are all so pretty. OPI’s Shrek collection has to be one of my favourites from that company. (But I think it might get dethroned by this year’s Holland collection? Seriously everything in it looks amazing.)

So, starting from my pinky I did my nails with OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude, Who the Shrek are You?, Rumple’s Wiggin and Fiercly Fiona. My thumb was done in the baby pink of Alessandro’s Pretty Ballerina. My hand literally refused to be positioned so that I could get a picture with my thumb nail included, so you see the bottle colour only.

These polishes are all so smooth, creamy and perfect two-coaters… ♥

Then I took the multicoloured pastel glitter of Snow Globe and sponged it over my tips to tie the mani together. I can’t get enough of Snow Globe this year!

I can’t actually make up my mind about over which colour I like this best… Can you?

My plan today? Lots of rooibos chai. Loads of it. With soy milk and honey. Hopefully, it’ll help me stay warm while I re-organize my nail polish boxes. As everything is overflowing. 😮



4 thoughts on “Snowy Little Glitter Skittles

    • Thank you! 🙂 And Snow Globe is honestly my favourite glitter at the moment. I want to layer it over *everything*, which in turn makes me super glad that it was re-relased this year with the Holiday collection. 🙂

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