Find that Green!

A few months ago, at the store I was browsing for something completely different and just out of subconscious habit, threw a nail polish into my pile of purchases as well.

At home, I discovered it was an unnamed (looks like it’s Rise and Shine, thank you, Gwenn!) Sinful Colors polish in a mini bottle. What caught my attention originally was that it’s such a pretty and vivid green with a hint of blue and a subtle, but visible shimmer.

And then I forgot about it.

A couple of days ago LackyNails mentioned her lemming for China Glaze’s Four Leaf Clover, and this brought this particular polish back to my head and I dug it up.

OMG! Why didn’t I try it sooner? Perfection in a bottle. Lovely two coat formula and that shimmer is just…. yum. 😀

It’s pretty much the same base colour as Four Leaf Clover, see?

But with this beautiful sparse and small, but totally there shimmer.

Can anybody tell me what this polish is? It’s driving me up the wall that I can’t call something as pretty by its name. 😉

I love it when I luck out with random purchases like this.



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