Wild in Theory

Since Essie polishes are not going to be imported to Estonia anymore, they are having a sale at BeautyPro and getting rid of everything they have in stock. So, sometime in January I picked up a few polishes on a whim. Randomly picking up polishes can always be a hit or miss situation.

I’m kinda on the fence about this one. Essie’s Wild Thing — deep cool red shimmer with holo microglitter. This looked completely amazing in the bottle. All shimmery and multicoloured and…

…on the nails it’s a pretty average red shimmer, in my opinion. 😦 Not “bad” in any way sense of the word, just a let down when compared to the potential of the bottle.

What really got to me was that on the nails, the tiny holo glitter pieces were barely visible at all.

Um. So while this is honestly a pretty polish, my initial disappointment is clouding my judgement, I think. Perhaps I should give it some time and then try it again… 🙂


(It’s just it’s so so pretty in the bottle. *sigh*)


5 thoughts on “Wild in Theory

    • Who knows… strangely enough, even at their original price they were less expensive than L’Oréal polishes. 😛 Nail polish pricing in Estonia (and Europe in general) is bizarre.

      • Yeah, so I hear. Honestly though, L’Oreal has some really unethical policies about licensing distributors, one of the reasons I boycott them (along with animal testing and theft of trade secrets from smaller companies).

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