It’s Teal Time

I’ve been ditching the blue/green/purples that originally got me into nail polish for more traditional shades lately it seems to me…

Wearing the gorgeous kelly green of Sinful’s Rise and Shine the other day reminded me that I still have a soft spot for these colours and I dug out a Color Club I haven’t worn for ages.

Gossip Column is a gorgeous and smooth blue-side teal creme. Perfect in two coats and the exact colour of my bedroom walls. 😉

I really love remembering and revisiting polishes I’d almost forgotten about. 😀


P.S. And omg it’s such a beautiful day. All sparkly white snow, blue skies and sunshine. Makes me smile… 😀


2 thoughts on “It’s Teal Time

  1. Whaaa, you have teal walls? That’s so awesome! Gossip Column is great, I agree! I haven’t worn it for ages either … ah, the nail polish hoarders we are …

    • Mhmh. I redid my bedroom this autumn and somehow teal seemed the best choice. 😀 The entire thing is in shades of warm yellow wood, teal and fuchsia and dark yellow carpets.

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