Treasure Hunting

Can’t for the life of me remember where I got this from exactly. I believe it was in one of those bins of super-cheap and super-boring polishes they put near the checkout at supermarkets.

Ngh. As you can see, despite being super-cheap, this isn’t super-boring at all. 😉 The only thing written on the polish was Aden Cosmetics and the polish itself if a black base full of small multicoloured glitter, predominantly golden. It’s opaque in two coats, so no problems there.

What you do see here is the last dredges of my too-much-thickened top coat ruining my mani. 😦 Boo. Time get a new bottle.

The polish itself… outstandingly pretty. 😀



5 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting

    • Siis kui tuju tuleb. 🙂 Vahepeal on perioode kus paar korda nädalas ja mõnikord iga päev kuu aega jutti. 😉 Üldiselt üle päeva. Ikka tuleb mingi uus idee ja tahtmine peale ja see on lakile ikka äärmine kompliment kui ma tahan teda kanda kuni maha kuluma hakkab. 😀

  1. Holy crap, I have this in my untrieds! I thought NOONE has these polishes, haha! 😀 I bought mine in a little tiny store in the middle of Budapest. I totally need to wear it, looks superfun on you!

    • Yayness! 😀 Same here, I figured nobody had heard of these random polishes. I mean, I’m not even sure where it comes from.

      It is! It actually looks more like what I’d hoped of Orly’s Androgynie than Androgynie itself. 😛

      • These are actually Hungarian. 🙂 My BF discovered them in Budapest, they were insanely cheap there too. Hehe, I’ll see which one appeals to me more, Orly or Aden, I need to wear them both soon. 🙂

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