Ruination and …

Ok, so I loved the little galaxy glittery polish from Aden and didn’t want to take it off at all. But honestly, staring at the wrinkles on my nails got really annoying in a day or so.

I picked up my bottle of Orly’s Androgynie, thinking how lovely it is and how perfectly it would compliment the Aden polish. I figured I’d add some glitter tips to cover up the wrinkles.

Little did I remember that Androgynie does not look nearly as glittery on the nails as in the bottle.

And all I managed to do was give myself black gradient tips over a glittery mani.

I figured the only thing to save the day was to throw on a matte top coat… and I don’t think it’s that bad now…

Still, it’s kinda sad to be reminded of my disappointment with Androgynie. I mean, if only the base looked like the Aden polish you can see closer to my cuticles… it would be perfect.



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