The Importance of Being Attentive


So, when everybody was going crazy over the new “unicorn pee” of polishes — BeYu No 209 — I walked myself to my nearest BeYu stand and picked it up. Or so I thought…

See the difference? I definitely didn’t at the store. And so I picked up the one on the left “the 24” and came home with it. And it was the non-multichrome one. As you can see in the post linked to above, I still consider this an exceptionally pretty and glowy red and as such I’m happy with it.

But, of course, I still wanted the fabled “unicorn pee”! 😀 So, I went back and this time I was more attentive and picked up the right bottle.

And when looked at side-by-side…

…it’s so obviously the right bottle. 🙂

Have some more of the pretty one!

And finally, some of the “Ideaalkosmeetika” stores still should have these, if any Estonian ladies want to pick one up! 😀



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