“Unicorn Pee” aka BeYu No 209

Got your attention?

Thought so. 🙂

Here you have BeYu No 209 layered over China Glaze’s Evening Seduction.    It’s difficult to express how glowy and gorgeous this “unicorn pee” polish is. I mean, it’s already pretty in pictures, but in real life… simply breathtaking.

No words needed, really…

This goes on my very short list of polishes of “if I only were to pick a signature polish to wear every day for the rest of my life…” 😉



9 thoughts on ““Unicorn Pee” aka BeYu No 209

    • Rõõmus, et nii ei juhtunud. 🙂 Aga see on täiesti super lakk, ja tore, et ükskord ka Eestist midagi nii lihtsalt kätte saab. 😉

  1. I went looking for this at my local polish “center” but alas – they don’t sell BeYu anymore!! I am seriously upset… really. Dude, this is a must have. It’s so pretty….

    • Maybe you can still find it somewhere. 🙂 The last time I checked our local store was out of this one. 😦 But I’m hoping they’ll restock it.

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