Duochrome vs. Duochrome

If you’re like me, then Alessandro’s Clubbing Refelction made you wonder what’s the closest dupe in your collection. Turns out, I don’t have one — but it is the polar opposite of OPI’s Not Like the Movies.

Clubbing Reflection is predominantly a yellow-toned green with a warm rose pink duochrome and silver glitter.

Not Like the Movies is predominantly a cool silvery pink with a cool green duochrome and silver glitter.

Left-to-right: OPI-Alessandro-OPI-Alessandro.

So alike yet not at all. 🙂

Can’t decide which I like better…

Can you? 😀


4 thoughts on “Duochrome vs. Duochrome

  1. Dead on dupe of Misa Phazers on Stunning though. 🙂 Marvelous shade, I love it! I have a dupe of Not like in the movies, if I remember correctly, Catrice Iron Mermaiden is one. Or really really close at least. 🙂

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